Priest to Voters: Vote With Eye on Supreme Court, Partial-Birth Abortion

Priests for Life


“As they go to the polls Tuesday, voters should bear in mind what the Supreme Court will be taking into consideration on Wednesday,” said Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life.  The Supreme Court will be hearing oral arguments regarding the Constitutionality of the law that Congress passed and President Bush signed that protects unborn children from partial-birth abortion.

“Had voters not elected a President and a Congress that understood that this gruesome procedure had to be banned, it would not have been banned,” Fr. Pavone declared, “and had voters not elected a President and a Senate willing to put Justices on the Supreme Court who show judicial restraint, we would not have hope today that this ban will be upheld.”

The partial-birth abortion procedure kills a baby in the very process of delivery.  It is performed on healthy babies of healthy mothers, all in the name of the ‘freedom of choice’ that some politicians eloquently proclaim but never describe.  If they described it,” Fr. Pavone concluded, “they would simply not be elected.”

Fr. Frank Pavone will be in the Supreme Court for the entirety of the oral arguments in both the relevant cases Wednesday morning from 10 am to 12 noon and will be available for comment.

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