Statement of Fr. Frank Pavone on Nebraska Court Decision on Partial-birth Abortion Ban

Priests for Life


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Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, made the following statement in the light of the decision this week by a federal district court in Nebraska to strike down the ban on partial-birth abortion:

"Even Americans who describe themselves as "pro-choice" continue to oppose partial-birth abortion. Ultimately, this procedure will be put to an end in America, and Priests for Life applauds the Bush administration for its steadfast determination to continue defending the ban through the appeal process, all the way to the Supreme Court.

"While the defense of this ban continues, the American people will go to the polls. The November 2 elections will determine what kind of Federal judges are nominated and confirmed in the next four years, as we choose our President and Senators, whose responsibility it is to select these judges. Our best response to Court decisions like the one from Nebraska this week is to get politically active and to activate others.

"Moreover, pro-life people should remind themselves that although they have heard so much about partial-birth abortion over the years, most Americans still have no idea what it is. The task of person-to-person education, particularly through the graphic images of the procedure, must continue full-force. In the end, we will prevail."

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