Silent No More Awareness Campaign Supports Post-Abortion Bill

Silent No More Awareness Campaign

For Immediate Release

Pittsburgh, PA - The Silent No More Awareness Campaign applauds Rep. Joseph R. Pitts (R-PA) for introducing a bill entitled "Post-Abortion Depression Research and Care Act" (H.R. 4543). The bill provides $15 million to the National Institutes of Health to research the emotional impact of abortion on women. The bill also creates a $1.5 million grant program to fund the development of treatment programs for women who suffer emotionally after abortion.

As a woman who personally experienced the emotional impact of abortion, Actress, Author, and Celebrity Spokesperson for the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, Jennifer O’Neill stated, "This research will confirm that our experience trumps the theory touted by pro-abortionists - that having an abortion is as simple as having your tonsils removed. Everyday I regret my abortion but I never regret having my tonsils out."

The Campaign has registered thousands of women who regret their abortion and want to be silent no more about the emotional, physical and spiritual problems they experienced after having an abortion. This bill will help millions more who suffer in silence to know they aren’t alone in their pain. This will lead to more awareness about the abortion recovery programs, books and resources available. Women typically struggle with feelings like grief, remorse and deep sadness that are usually left untreated; they don’t know there are others who have found healing, peace and forgiveness.

The National Silent No More Awareness Campaign is a non-denominational, non-political effort to raise awareness about abortion. Campaign Co-founder Janet Morana, who is Associate Director of Priests for Life explains the Campaign’s position on this new bill, "We are certainly interested in any legislation that raises awareness about the impact abortion has on women’s emotional health. We'd love to see it expanded to research the physical impact as well."

According to Campaign co-founder, Georgette Forney who is the President of NOEL* and had an abortion at age 16, "Abortion is the most common surgical procedure performed on women everyday in this country and no long-term study has ever been done to assess the emotional impact of it on women. It’s about time we look into the faces of choice, the women who have experienced abortion and ask us how abortion affected our lives."

The Silent No More Awareness Campaign is co-sponsored by NOEL* and Priests for Life. - -

*NOEL was renamed Anglicans for Life in 2007