Victory in Scheidler vs. NOW Supreme Court Ruling

Priests for Life

Fr. Fr. Frank Pavone, Director of Priests for Life, has released the following statement:

"We have just heard of the victory for pro-life protestors in today's Supreme Court Decision in Scheidler vs. NOW, a case we have followed closely from its beginning. While we look forward to studying the decision in more detail in the days ahead, we wish to offer a few preliminary observations.

"Abortion is not just a 'legal procedure.' To groups like NOW, it is a sacred ritual. They try to use any maneuver of power they can to perpetuate it. Today their efforts have hit the brick wall of our nation's sacred right to protest. Long live that right!

"The Scheidlers have been our friends for years, and I have been privileged to stand with them, and many other pro-life activists, at killing centers from coast to coast. We look forward to standing with them until legal abortion is no more than a bad memory.

"Priests for Life has always held that the best way to defend our First Amendment rights is to exercise them without fear. Fear within our own ranks is a bigger obstacle than anything that the National Organization for Women, or any other pro-abortion group, can put in our way. In the light of today's decision, we will formulate plans to increase protest activities at our nation's abortion mills, and in particular to bring those in the Church who have shied away from such activity to realize that it is perfectly consistent, not only with the law, but with the Gospel."