Priests Nationwide Affirm Pro-Life Political Responsibility

Priests for Life

For Immediate Release

Contact: Jerry Horn, 540-220-0095 

Dateline New York--Priests for Life, the national association working to galvanize clergy to fight abortion, is receiving thousands of responses a day from priests nationwide who are signing a statement about political responsibility. The statement simply reaffirms what the US Catholic bishops have asserted about the responsibilities of voters and public officials. It reminds citizens of their obligation to vote, and it identifies abortion as the key issue among the many interrelated moral issues facing voters. Regarding public officials, the statement declares that they may not support "direct attacks on innocent human life."

Fr. Frank Pavone, director of Priests for Life, stated, "This is just the beginning of a massive effort to mobilize Christians as never before to bring an end to abortion in this nation, and to declare that those who tolerate abortion are not worthy of public office."

Priests for Life will continue to gather signers of this statement over the next two years. The full text of the statement may be viewed at