Funeral for the Aborted Children

Priests for Life

In July of 2002, Fr. Frank Pavone joined Rev. Flip Benham and Operation Save America for a national event in Dallas, Texas. Leaders from across the country came together for a week of intense activity, marked by prayerful presence at all of Dallas' abortion mills every morning, teaching seminars every afternoon, and jubilant prayer rallies at Calvary Hill Baptist Church in Mesquite every evening.

On one afternoon, in the plaza of the Courthouse in downtown Dallas, a funeral service was held for two babies killed by abortion. Their remains were brought in solemn procession, and were viewed by all the participants. Fr. Frank preached about the fact that these deaths occurred because of the failure of the Christian people and their clergy to preach and act in opposition to abortion.

As you view the photos of this event, you will see the grief of adults and children alike. The pictures of the children viewing their younger, aborted brothers and sisters, are particularly moving. The parents of these children who participated in the Dallas event deserve special credit for instructing their children in the ways of the Lord, not being afraid to bring them face to face with the injustice of abortion, and training them how to fight it.

May God give eternal rest to the children who were killed, and forgiveness for all responsible for their deaths.