Seminarians Gear Up for the Pro-life Battle

Priests for Life

For Immediate Release

The seminarians of today are abortion survivors, and many of them have grown up in pro-life activism. It is no surprise, then, that they are forming, on their own initiative, new networks to encourage one another to focus on bringing an end to this injustice in our society.

"Seminarians from across the country are responding to the call of the American Bishops to live the Gospel of Life. They are uniting to form a group called Seminarian Life Link. The purpose of this group is to network its members to communicate the prolife message and to support each other. Utilizing the modern media tools of the Internet they will assist each other in their formation as spiritual leaders of the Church ready to boldly proclaim the truth that ‘the Gospel of Christ is the Gospel of Life.’

National Director Eric Bowman explains, "In a society where the destruction and devaluation of human life is becoming the norm, the Church, led by the example of our Holy Father John Paul II, has inspired us to live the Gospel of Life vigorously and publicly. As future leaders of the Church it is imperative that we be at the forefront of the struggle to defend life."

A similar group is Seminarians for Life, led by Deacon John F. Cyr.

"Seminarians for Life is an independent organization run by seminarians at Mount St. Mary Seminary in Emmitsburg, MD. The principle focus is to educate and unite seminarians around the world on pro-life issues."

Deacon Cyr also edits the newsletter. "Our newsletter reaches around 25,000 seminarians in 81 countries. Our articles are written by seminarians, priests, bishops, pro-life leaders, and legal and medical experts. We are currently doing some restructuring in hopes of better serving our brother seminarians, pro-life friends, and all interested readers. We try to stay in communication with Priests for Life and other Pro-life organizations. We welcome input and questions from all."

It is evident to the priests of Priests for Life, who speak in seminaries worldwide, that many of the seminarians of today have grown up on pro-life activism, and indeed have found their vocations through the pro-life movement. They do not have the paralyzing fear that comes from being concerned about what will happen to them if they address abortion, but rather the liberating strength that comes from being even more concerned about what will happen to the babies if they don't.

The website for Seminarian Life Link, with contact information for both groups, is