Priests for Life on RU-486

Priests for Life



(Staten Island, NY)… In response to the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) approval of the abortion pill (RU-486), Father Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life issued the following statement:

"The availability of the RU-486 drug technique is further evidence of the total lack of regard for the health and well-being of women and their children on the part of those who promote abortion.

"The first generation of users of this chemical time-bomb will be the "guinea pigs" whose future experience will provide the real test of the safety of this technique.

"We will diligently watch for the cases that will inevitably arise of children who are born deformed because of failed abortions attempts using this technique. The pro-life movement will not fail to attend to the implications of medical malpractice, which such cases contain.

"Contrary to the predictions of some pro-choice groups, this drug technique leaves unchanged the mission of the pro-life movement and its ability to carry out that mission; namely, to provide life-giving alternatives to abortion, to provide healing after abortion, to advance the equality of unborn children, and to vigorously protest the abuse of medicine and law which abortion represents.

"Nor will the current attention being given to early chemical abortions succeed in distracting us from the fact that "pro-choice" claims to include the right to partial birth abortion, even in the latest stages of pregnancies on babies that are fully viable and mostly delivered."

For more information, or to interview Father Frank Pavone, please contact Adam Bromberg at (703) 683-5004 x102.