False Charges of Anti-Catholicism

Priests for Life

Priests for Life has released the following statement regarding accusations of anti-Catholicism against Gov. George Bush. The implication that he is anti-Catholic has been made via automated phone calls going into people's homes under the name of "Catholic Voter Alert." While Priests for Life does not endorse any candidates, we do consider it necessary to call for fairness. Statement on "Anti-Catholic" Phone Calls "As an association of Catholic priests, any form of anti-Catholicism is of concern to Priests for Life. We object, however, to any candidate ascribing anti-Catholic motives where they don't exist, or interpreting someone's actions as anti-Catholic when they are not. We have no reason to believe that Gov. George W. Bush is anti-Catholic, and every reason to believe that he has a great respect for the Catholic Church. "A candidate for the highest office in the land naturally must reach out to every segment of society. The fact that one speaks at a university which holds positions against Catholicism does not mean he agrees with those positions. "We call on candidates and voters alike to focus on substantive issues rather than unsubstantiated labels." Fr. Frank Pavone National Director Priests for Life