Fr. Frank Pavone visits National Memorial for the Unborn

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A National Call From Priests for Life to all who have had abortions:
Come back to the Church; the time is now

Date Line Chattanooga, TN--In preparation for what he calls "the opening of the floodgates" of post-abortion grief in our nation, Fr. Frank Pavone renewed the commitment of the several thousand members of the Priests for Life association to provide welcoming compassion, healing, and forgiveness "to anyone who has, in any way, been involved in procuring or providing an abortion." He has led the association since 1993.

Fr. Pavone delivered this message by making a visit to the National Memorial for the Unborn, in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The memorial, on the site of a former abortion facility, provides people around the country with the opportunity to have a plaque placed on a special memorial wall, inscribed with a tribute to an aborted child.

"The last several years have witnessed a dramatic increase in the number of men and women coming forward to grieve the abortion of their child. A wide variety of post-abortion ministries, representing various denominations, have been preparing pastors and counselors to deal with this outpouring of grief, which we expect to dramatically increase in the months and years ahead. We want to send a clear message that the doors of the Church are open, and that it is time to let the healing begin," declared Fr. Pavone.

Priests for Life encourages everyone to promote awareness of the hotline number 1-800-5-WE-CARE, of the National Office for Post-Abortion Reconciliation and Healing. Callers will be referred to confidential counseling. People are likewise encouraged to contact the National Memorial for the Unborn by calling 1-800-505-5565.

In the coming year, Priests for Life will promote a number of special initiatives for post-abortion ministry in addition to the day-to-day help it gives to clergy through its seminars, educational materials, and website.

Fr. Frank Pavone is a priest of the New York Archdiocese and an Official of the Pontifical Council for the Family at the Vatican where he helps to coordinate pro-life activities throughout the world. He has led the Priests for Life movement throughout the world since 1993. Priests for Life is an association recognized under the Canon Law of the Catholic Church. Availability: New York, Washington D.C. Nationwide and Internationally, Rome Italy by arrangement and via telephone. Contact: Jerry Horn, 540-785-4733 phone or