Groceries and Abortion Graphics

Priests for Life

For Immediate Release

Contact: Anthony DeStefano

        (718) 980-4400

Graphic depictions of abortions have recently 

appeared in grocery products in stores in Northern New 

Jersey.  In response, Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of 

Priests for Life, today stated:

"Phenomena like this occur, and will continue to occur, 

because the pro-life message is not being given a fair hearing 

in society.  For decades, while tens of millions of children have 

been destroyed by abortion, pro-lifers have found legitimate 

channels of communication in media, government, education, 

and even the churches, closed in their faces.  Society must 

either give the pro-life message a fair hearing in normal 

channels of communication, or expect to hear it through 

abnormal channels."

The pro-life activities I recommend target normal 

channels.  However, for a person to complain that pamphlets 

bother children, while not raising a word of complaint that 

abortion kills children, is a extreme form of hypocrisy."