Fr. Pavone: Religious freedom extends way beyond the pews

Fr. Frank Pavone

STATEN ISLAND, NY -- Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, issued the following statement about recent developments in legal actions taken against the Obamacare HHS mandate.

“It has been another interesting week in regard to the lawsuits filed against this unjust mandate,” Father Pavone said, "and we are standing in solidarity with all who, like ourselves, have filed such lawsuits."

On Nov. 27, judges dismissed lawsuits filed by the Catholic dioceses of Pittsburgh and Nashville, and several Catholic organizations within each diocese. But the following day, an appeals court in St. Louis issued an order blocking enforcement of the mandate for O’Brien Industrial Holdings, which is owned by Catholic businessman Frank O’Brien. Earlier today, the Christian-owned company Hobby Lobby announced its intention to appeal a ruling that refused the same injunctive relief for that company.

Priests for Life filed suit against the mandate in February – the fourth of 40 actions to be filed – and has been in violation of the mandate since it took effect Aug. 1.

“Our lawsuit is moving forward and we will appeal it as far as we need to in order to win,” Father Pavone said. “This mandate will be found unconstitutional. Religious freedom extends way beyond the pews.”

Father Pavone issued an invitation for all American citizens to express their solidarity with Priests for Life by signing the “Citizens’ Amicus Brief” at”