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Truth Uncovers Abortion Evils
John R. Cushma, McMurray, Pennsylvania

It's time for every American to rise and take a stand.
There's division and apathy for abortion in our land.
I love this great country, and how we all are free,
But abortion and its evils destroy life's sanctity.

By allowing cloning, stem cell research, and abortion,
The value of human life is becoming a distortion.
A preborn is a person nine months before his birth.
His life is sacred; it has value and worth.

Yet feminists have a vocabulary to make evil sound good.
So it's time every American finally understood:
Code words make the evils of abortion so misleading.
"Lift the veil of code words is what I am pleading.

An abortatorium claims to provide "women's health service."
Well, just the thought of that makes me quite nervous!
For every two people who enter there, I dread,
One may survive, but the other will be dead.

How dare anyone say that they support "choice,"
When we're dealing with a preborn who doesn't have a voice.
They say to "interrupt a pregnancy" is "every woman's right."
The acceptance of such code words is something we must fight.

Since the victims are out-of-sight, the Truth is suppressed.
But the issue is an important one that must be addressed.
Don't let anyone, including the media, use a code word.
Their prevalence and acceptance is really quite absurd.

Learn what goes on behind an abortatorium's closed door.
Abortion kills a life! Need I say more?
Promote the right to life as an unalienable right.
We are all created equal and are precious in God's sight.

"Truth uncovers abortion evils." People need to understand:
All life must be held sacred, in this, our glorious land!

© 2002 MARCH FOR LIFE Fund ANNUAL REPORT, P.O. Box 90300, Washington, DC 20090

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