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The Truth About Abortion
Andrea Leach, Upland, Pennsylvania

Almost everyone knows what abortion is. If you don't, you are not going to find a good answer in The Pocket Dictionary, whose definition is "induced premature termination of pregnancy or development." Obviously, this person doesn't know the truth about abortion.

It is just like a child's grand pop just died and his mom is trying to placate him by using words like, "Grand pop is up in heaven and looking down at you," instead of, "Grand pop's dead and gone and six feet under." People who are pro-choice, abortionists, and people who have had abortions try to hide the truth about abortion from others or themselves. They use words like "aborting a fetus," or "interrupting a pregnancy".

It is simple: abortion is murdering a living child that has been living inside a mother's womb since fertilization. People need to know abortion is evil and shouldn't have one. They are taking away a life that was just beginning to form. The estimated 4,000 pre-born babies that are aborted every day will not have a chance to be a kid, go to school, get a job, marry, raise a family, grow old gracefully, and then die. No, because their mothers killed them before they were able to breathe.

I know this essay seems short, but I hope it says a lot about the evils of abortion.

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