Below are images of the “Hodari babies,” a group of aborted children who were discovered in March-April 2008 in the trash dumpster at Woman Care abortion clinic on Southfield Road in Lathrup Village, Michigan. Through the efforts of Citizens for a Pro-life Society, there will be a funeral Mass celebrated this Saturday, May 3, 2008 by Bishop John Quinn of Detroit, and the babies will then be buried.


Click here to read a press release about these babies.

hodari021_21_small.jpg hodari022_22_small.jpg hodari023_23_small.jpg hodari024_24_small.jpg
hodari025_25_small.jpg hodari026_26_small.jpg hodari027_27_small.jpg hodari028_28_small.jpg
hodari029_29_small.jpg hodari030_30_small.jpg hodari031_31_small.jpg hodari032_32_small.jpg
hodari033_33_small.jpg hodari034_34_small.jpg hodari035_35_small.jpg hodari036_36_small.jpg
hodari037_37_small.jpg hodari038_38_small.jpg hodari039_39_small.jpg hodari040_40_small.jpg
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