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Earth's Trash - Heaven's Treasure

"Though Mother & Father forsake me, the Lord will take me up''

--Psalm 27:10


One of the resources Priests for Life makes available is a very moving painting called "Earth's Trash, Heaven's Treasure." 

To see the photo, Click here.

To order the photo, contact Priests for Life (see info below).


In the alley of this abortion facility, God's angels retrieve precious living souls. They are joined by many other angels from all the alleys of the world.

Each angel is holding a precious baby, wrapped in yellow blankets. On earth the unborn babies were wrapped in plastic bags, but now they are wrapped in God's glory. On earth they were trash, but to Heaven, they are treasure.


The women's clinic has a youthful girl leaving, with sadness on her face after giving up her baby...others are waiting inside.

The back door of the clinic opens to the alley, where a nurse is getting rid of the TRASH.

Across from the abortuary is a TOY STORE, full of life and joy and surprises. A green tree blooms in front,....there is also a tree in front of the life.


The angels, who have brought their treasures from the dumpsters of the earth, line up by the hundreds & hundreds. One by one, they present their treasure to Jesus. As Jesus takes each child, He blesses them and GIVES THEM A NAME. (The unborn have no name on earth.) Little toddlers play happily in Heaven's nursery of the unborn.


The rain storm which came to the earth depicts Heaven weeping... not only for the lost children, but for the mothers and fathers, who will later weep for their children...Heaven weeps for the judgment that surely must come to the earth.


Perhaps you have given up your baby to abortion, and now you feel a heavy guilt or a sadness. Your baby is not part of earth's trash, but is part of Heaven's nursery. Jesus can forgive you, heal your heart and make you HIS CHILD also. Jesus doesn't only rescue unborn babies. He rescues all human souls that seek HIM. You may even think of yourself as earth's trash. Maybe the world treats you that way also.

But Jesus can make you Heaven's Treasure.

© 1993 Carol Hall

This painting is available from Priests for Life.
Order from our online store

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