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Life Dynamics and Priests for Life are collaborating on a project which can block Planned Parenthood's access to schools, and therefore to a large portion of their funding. The project builds on the evidence that abortion facilities nationwide break the law by failing to fulfill their duty as mandated reporters when they know or suspect that a minor is having sexual activity.

Any school district that refers students to Planned Parenthood therefore can incur legal liability. Every school district has been alerted to this liability via certified mail. Now, we are asking taxpayers to attend their local school board meetings and request an explanation of the school district's policy on this matter.

We are not asking people to make a moral or religious argument against Planned Parenthood or its activities. We are simply requesting that they ask the School Board how it is protecting itself against the liability that can result from negligent referral, and more fundamentally, how it is protecting our children. Schools and taxpayers will naturally be averse to legal and economic liability. Our goal is to persuade them that associating with Planned Parenthood is more trouble than it is worth. Click here for a fuller explanation of this concept.

We need

  1. people in every school district who can go to the school board meetings;
  2. attorneys who can assist people in articulating the school district's legal liability.

We will provide

  1. the specific questions that need to be asked at the school board meeting;
  2. ongoing training, coordination, and encouragement.

Click here for a more detailed explanation of the project and for the questions that can be used at school board meetings.

Click here for an example of how easy this project can be.

Click here for an example of victory!

Contact Priests for Life -- Child Protection Project, PO Box 236695, Cocoa, FL 32923; Tel: 321-500-1000, ext. 260; Fax: 718-504-3590; email:


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