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Below you’ll find some updates about some of our recent Priests for Life activity. Thank you for being involved.

We are working out all the misunderstandings with my bishop here in Amarillo. As we do so, I’m amazed at how many people think they know more about the situation than I do, and pontificate on blogs and websites all over the place. If anything that anyone says raises questions in your mind, please know that you can get the updates and accurate information at www.priestsforlife.org/update.

I encourage you to get to know the presidential candidates by watching tonight’s debate on Fox News at 9 p.m. ET.  We are to be smart, attentive, and informed, and we need to get to know the candidates as far in advance as possible.

We are happy to bring your attention to the fact that next month, our friend and colleague Teresa Tomeo releases her newest book, “Extreme Makeover,” which talks about women transformed by Christ, not conformed to the culture. Our own Executive Director, Janet Morana, is featured in the book. Janet and Teresa co-host the new EWTN series “The Catholic View for Women,” along with Astrid Bennett-Gutierrez, of Hispanics for Life. Find more information about the series at TheCatholicViewForWomen.com, and about the book at www.priestsforlife.org/books/extreme-makeover.htm.

I aslo encourage you to do two things:

a) Keep focused on the work and the projects, such as the developments I mention below and will continue to update you about, and

b) Please increase your donations to Priests for Life so that despite the efforts of our detractors to slow us down, we can speed up instead!

One final word. One commentator was silly enough to state that Priests for Life, as my “baby,” had to be given for adoption or would die. I have news for that person: Priests for Life isn’t a baby anymore; it is an adult, and a highly respected one. People like Alveda King, our fulltime priests, Janet Morana, Marie Smith, Bryan Kemper and others are fully engaged in the leadership of this family of ministries, and are fully accountable to and cooperative with Church authority, not only in individual dioceses but at the level of the Vatican. Moreover, as we recently announced (but some bloggers apparently missed), we have formed an International Private Association of the Faithful in full accordance with Church law.

So thanks for your support. Forward we go, to victory for the unborn!


Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director

Priests for Life Pastoral Team Gives Input to Synod of Bishops

In 2012, a worldwide Synod of Bishops will meet to discuss the theme of the “New Evangelization.” These meetings assist the Holy Father by presenting to him conclusions that are usually then incorporated into a special papal document.

The theme of “New Evangelization” refers to the need to re-announce the Gospel in places where it was once received but is being forgotten and replaced by secularism. This theme, of course, intersects with pro-life work, inasmuch as forgetting the Lord makes us forget the value of human life. Hence, New Evangelization includes, at its core, the proclamation of the sanctity of life.

Fr. Frank Pavone, at recent meetings at the Vatican, was invited to have the entire Priests for Life Pastoral Team prepare some input for the bishops who will be meeting at this Synod. In particular, they want input on the ways in which the Church, in promoting New Evangelization, is called to promote the pro-life message and foster pro-life activity.

As a guide for dioceses and associations which are giving such input on various themes, a document has been prepared by the committee that is organizing the Synod, and can be seen at http://www.vatican.va/roman_curia/synod/documents/rc_synod_doc_20110202_lineamenta-xiii-assembly_en.html 

Discussions were held yesterday by the Priests for Life Pastoral Team, and Fr. Frank will be preparing the document this week resulting from those conversations.

Silent No More Spokespersons Gather

At the monthly pastoral team meeting of Priests for Life this week, spokespersons for the Silent No More Awareness Campaign gathered at the New York headquarters to make plans for the coming months. Dr. Alveda King, a fulltime pastoral associate and Director of African-American Outreach for Priests for Life, is also a post-abortive mom and has been a member and spokesperson for the Campaign for years. Likewise, actress and author Jennifer O’Neill has represented the Campaign in her many speaking engagements across the country. Two newer spokespersons are recording artist Kelly Clinger, and Julia Holcomb, whose abortion of a child conceived with Steven Tyler has received media attention in recent months.

These women gathered this week with Campaign co-founders Janet Morana (Executive Director of Priests for Life) and Georgette Forney (President of Anglicans for Life) and with the entire Priests for Life Pastoral Team. Among the plans that were discussed were the gatherings that will take place in January at the March for Life and at the West Coast Walk for Life. At the front of each of these marches will be men and women of the Campaign, holding signs saying “I Regret My Abortion” and “I Regret Lost Fatherhood.” At the conclusion of each of the marches, as in previous years, the Campaign members will, one by one, share their testimonies of the pain of abortion and the healing that followed.

Join the Campaign and participate in these events by going to www.SilentNoMoreAwareness.org 

Diocese of Harrisburg to Receive New MEVs on October 22

On October 22, 2011 in the Dioceses of Harrisburg, PA, several people will profess their promises as “Missionaries of the Gospel of Life.” This program, developed by Fr. Frank Pavone and the Priests for Life Pastoral Team, teaches people the spirituality of pro-life activity, based on the teachings and example of Blessed John Paul II, Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, and Cardinal John O’Connor. Those making promises pledge to live this spirituality for their whole life, in a manner consistent with their own vocation and in conjunction with the local pro-life activities in which they engage. There are Missionaries of the Gospel of Life in over 1000 cities worldwide. For more information, visit www.MissionariesoftheGospelofLife.org

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