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Michel Hermenjat

  Wednesday, August 7, 2013

  Translation from Google Translate:

It is rare that a man is talking about abortion. The author does with mastery and passion, with a long experience in this field and the fact of being wounded by the failure of his first child. What is the responsibility of men in abortion? How those who feel rancardés by women's rights, hard won in the last quarter of the twentieth century, can they be heard? What links are there between the ideology of the quality of life that prevails today and new social problems, especially among the younger generation? More and more professionals from the medical, social and educational sectors to allow a critical review of thirty years of liberalization of abortion. The wind is it going to turn positive? Finding new ways of solidarity in this field, the author specifically addresses the difficult role of Christians and churches. Engaged, informed and incisive, this book straddles advocacy, witness of life and analysis of social and spiritual issues brings a new light and wishes to bring hope and reconciliation.

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