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Timeline of events in the case of the Jackson, MS abortion mill

Working with a coalition of other groups, Priests for Life is committed to bringing about the nation’s first abortion-free states. There are five states – Wyoming, Arkansas, Mississippi, North Dakota and South Dakota – which, as of this writing, only have one abortion facility left. To close that remaining facility in each of these states would be a profound boost to our movement. Moreover, public policy needs to make it as difficult as possible for abortionists to do business in these states, or to open up another facility in the future.

Two important parts of this process will be: Activation of churches and public funeral for aborted babies

Watch funerals for aborted babies from past years:

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Video: Funeral for aborted babies: Enoch, Rebecca and Karen Esther -  July 2008

Video: Baby Abel's Funeral - October 2008

Videos from Fr. Frank on the States of Refuge project

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Jackson, MS Abortion Mill

Here's the timeline of the case.

4-16-12 HB 1390 signed into law by Governor Phil Bryant requiring that abortionists be certified OB/GYNs and that they have local hospital admitting privileges.

6-27-12 Jackson Women's Health Organization filed suit against the law, which was scheduled to take effect on 7-1-12. Only one of the clinic's abortionists had local hospital admitting privileges and those were going to expire on 7-27-12, leaving the facility without any doctors who could meet the new law's requirements.

7-1-12 Federal Judge Daniel P. Jordan, III, issued a temporary restraining order, barring the state from enforcing the law.

7-13-12 Judge Jordan extended the restraining order for a period of six months, giving the clinic time to obtain hospital admitting privileges for its abortionists. The judge allowed the law to take effect, but barred the state from enforcing it against the Jackson clinic during the six-month period.

1-11-13 Judge Jordan's restraining order expired with the clinic still not having obtained hospital admitting privileges for any of its abortionists. The state became free to enforce the law.

1-16-13 Mississippi's Department of Health inspected the Jackson clinic.

1-25-13 The Jackson clinic received written notice from the state that it was not in compliance with state law. The state informed the clinic that a hearing would be held to decide if its license shall be revoked.

The State Health Officer will appoint the hearing officer, and then will make the final decision after the hearing.

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