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Recall Abortion
Recall Abortion

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This book by Janet Morana delves deeply into abortion as a bad product that should be recalled by our government, and explores what women who have abortions recall about the experience. She traces the societal changes that brought about abortion, and covers many of the arguments for keeping abortion legal, including at-risk mothers, victims of rape and incest, and fetal anomalies If you know someone who is a pro-choice Catholic or just part of what Janet calls the “mushy middle,” it is a must read. Published by Saint Benedict Press.

Recall Abortion will no doubt enlighten all readers about the facts of truth: that choosing death is not an exercise of one's human rights to privacy and the body, but quite the reverse: a violation of one’s true physical and spiritual human nature, and worse still, the annihilation of another. - Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, President Pontifical Council for the Family, Vatican City

Recall Abortion will help put abortion right where it belongs; on a worldwide “Hall of Shame” episode and the top of the recall list. - Teresa Tomeo, Syndicated Catholic Talk Show Host, Best Selling Catholic Author

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