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After the abortion my life went downhill

I was brought up in a Christian home. I never believed in abortion. It was wrong, murder. It never should be a consideration! I've always thought that way until February 21, 1996. I was 22 years old. The guy I met one day was tall had dark hair and green eyes, couldn't resist him. We dated a couple months, had sex when we were so drunk. Well, three weeks later I found out I was pregnant. He didn't want a child. I didn't know what to do. I was 22, living on my own with no insurance. My parents were going to be so ashamed of me. The only support system I had we're a group of women I worked with urging me to have an abortion. I was told that at 8 weeks, it wasn't a baby yet just a quarter size mass of tissue. I knew it was wrong, I just wanted things back the way they were. So I had it done. My friend from work took me. After that my life went downhill. I developed eating disorders. Partying was all I ever did. I became an alcoholic. I had way more sexual partners then I care to admit. I got married to a great guy, turned my life around with the help of Jesus Christ! I realized that he loved me the same now then he did the day I asked him into my life when I was a kid. Anyone facing the decision to have an abortion, don't do it. There are other options. There are so many resources out there to help now. I wish I had them. If I had, I probably would have a 17 year old right now. Although, I have forgiven myself, I still think about whether I would've had a boy or girl. What he/she would look like. I no longer hate myself because God doesn't. But there is still that thought, I wish I had never had that abortion!


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