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A Child is a Gift
Hi, my name is Priscilla.  I really feel empowered to share a powerful testimony on abortion and why I had it. I was young when I became curious about sex, what it was like, and why those around me boasted about how great it was.  I wanted to experience it, even though I was raised in a religious family. I remember my parents and my church talking about purity and waiting until marriage.  At that point in my life, my parent split, and I just felt alone and confused. I wanted to escape reality. So, after hearing about sex, I decided to find a guy. Little did I know that you could become pregnant.  I was very naive.

I found out I was pregnant after the first time I had sex.  I was overwhelmed and didn’t realize the consequences of my actions. I definitely was not ready to have a baby. I went through the phone book to see if there was somewhere I could go.  I found a place, called them. and told them the situation. The office made an appointment for me. When I got there, counselors were ready to help. My conscience told me to please not make this decision, but I was so determined.  I was nervous, very scared, and I didn’t talk much to the doctor. I just remember the doctor telling me to think of a relaxing place in my mind. In five minutes it was done.

I felt relief, but I was also very sad. I wondered what I had just done, and I got up and went into the waiting room to clean up. I left the office; I just felt very numb inside. As time went on, I realized the grief I caused the people close to me when I told them. It caused me to go into a self-destructive life style, drinking and partying my pain away and not loving who I was.  A year later I met a guy.

Many years later, I got involved in a church. One day I heard the pastor teaching on abortion and right away, I was overwhelmed and ashamed.  But I also heard about the love of God and His wonderful grace.  His mercy and forgiveness for us brought me healing.  I am still involved in church, and I go to healing retreats where they dedicate an evening service to this very topic. They pray and administer healing, and they talk about the effects of abortion.   

I have come to realize God's love for me and my children. Psalm 139 talks about how God knew my children before they were born. What a comfort it is now that I am a mother to know that God is a loving god. I want to share my story on how I found God's grace and forgiveness and how I learned that life is precious.  We were created in God's eyes for a purpose and plan. When a life is taken, it is devastating. One must realize a child is truly a gift from above and deserves life, just as we are alive and well. I have had two beautiful children since that tragic day, and I love them so much. This is why I am silent no more.


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