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I'm the Father
Actually, I'm the father of the aborted fetuses. I was having unprotected (obviously) sex with my girlfriend, and she conceived, I believe, on two separate occasions. She suggested (I think !) the idea of terminating to me, because I wasn't ready to handle another child, at least not one with her, because I DID have a second child who, thank God, has survived and is beautiful and healthy, with another woman. (I also have an awesome 18 year-old son.)

I think she told me about twins the first time, if I'm recalling correctly. I'm trying not to leave anything out, I know this is important and details are needed, but unfortunately, I think I've perhaps blocked out some of the details. I vaguely recall talking on the phone with her and her telling me she was pregnant. It shouldn't have been a surprise, we weren't using protection or contraception.

It happened that way with my son too. I was having sex with my friend/neighbor Becky, for about eight months, and she got pregnant. We had stopped using the foam contraception early on in our sexual history. My second wife was amazed how dumb I was not using birth control and NOT thinking about pregnancies.


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