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Elizabeth's 2018 March for Life Testimony

My name is Elizabeth, I am from Atlanta. When I was a college sophomore, I became pregnant by my boyfriend. I was in total shock when I found out, yet I didn't think twice about not getting an abortion. I knew it was wrong, I grew up Catholic and I knew how precious life was. However, since I was not married and in school, I justified my actions, feeling I had no other choice.

A friend took me to the abortion clinic. The mood of that waiting room was depressing.  I justified what was about to happen. After all, it’s legal.  Sadly, I was terribly wrong.  I recall the doctor coming in. I had tears running down my cheeks.  Nobody wiped my tears. The nurse just said, “Don't worry. It will all be over soon.” When I woke up in recovery, I immediately experienced an overwhelming sensation of loneliness and a great deal of physical pain.

Many years after the abortion, I started experiencing depression and felt like I had nowhere to turn.  This unresolved grief affected my nine-year marriage in ways I did not connect at the time.  After my marriage ended, I returned to the Catholic Church and confessed my sin for the first time. When I heard those words, “You are Forgiven”, the enormous weight I carried for 13 years had been lifted.

Years later, remarried and happy, I found out I was pregnant.  I starting feeling remorse for the child I had aborted. I was very anxious, consumed with fear that something would happen, as a punishment for having aborted my first child. My son was born healthy, yet I felt I had to be a perfect mother and I was very controlling.

Two years ago an abortion clinic opened a mile from my house.  I couldn't drive by the building without having flashback of my abortion experience. I felt a need to help get this place shut down and even went as far as holding a sign out in front of the clinic. I felt like a fraud.  

It was during this time that the Holy Spirit guided me to the PATH- Post Abortion Treatment & Healing Ministry for healing. I went through a post abortion Bible study and attended a Rachel's Vineyard. These were life changing. Through these programs I was able to experience God’s mercy, compassion, and healing touch. 

I have found my voice and I have found healing.  I am no longer afraid to say the word "abortion". I am no longer afraid to speak the truth. I am going to be Silent no More.


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