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Anna's 2018 March for Life Testimony

Hello, my name is Anna from Missouri! 

Twenty two years ago I was a single mom raising a son diagnosed with special needs.  I was in a relationship and became pregnant.  My dad had just been diagnosed with cancer and given two months to live.  I was scared that if I was to tell him that I was pregnant, it would make matters worse.  I felt I had no choice but to have an abortion.  I remember thinking, “I wish someone would take me in during my pregnancy and help me.”  I thought the abortion clinic would give me other options because of course, "They are for women’s health”, RIGHT? 

After entering the clinic, I soon found out there were no other options.  I was herded into a waiting room with other women.  I was not allowed to have a friend or family member with me.  I was not allowed to view my ultrasound.  I was not encouraged to ask questions.  My procedure was completed and I was given a prescription and I was rushed out the door as quickly as I entered.  After the abortion, I felt relief and focused on helping my parents and my son. 

The next year I met and married my husband.  Later that year I learned I was pregnant again.  Upon receiving this news from the doctor, I broke down in tears.  My doctor asked if I knew what PTSD was.  I would soon realize that my life was just beginning to spin out of control.  I began to suffer from anxiety attacks, depression, anger outbursts, and relationship issues.  I had no idea this was all due to my past abortion. 

I learned about a recovery program called “Surrendering the Secret”.  There I found healing and God’s forgiveness.  I will always speak for those that have no voice, and that is why I am Silent No More!                                                         


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