A Grandmother's Post-Abortion Testimony

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Post-Abortion Testimony

I was (I'm now ashamed to say) an influence for my step-daughter to have an abortion at age 15 1/2. Her father and I took her to a clinic in California. She was about 6 weeks along. At age 16, (this time without our knowledge), in another state, she had a second abortion, this time at about 18 weeks along.

The first abortion was very depressing for us (her father and I) to sit by and watch, but she said there was "nothing to it". She came out (of the clinic) laughing and couldn't wait to get physical with her boyfriend again. The second abortion was a different story. She was further along, and alone (this father wanted the baby and wanted to marry her, but she got scared and against his wishes, decided to take the "easy way"). This time when she asked to be 'put to sleep like in California", she was told, "Sorry, Honey, we can't afford to do it that way here." Then to her horror and pain, the tiny baby (a boy) was sucked from her insides, (forced miscarriage).

By the time she had had her second abortion, I knew it was wrong. (I had converted to Catholicism). I was ridden with guilt for encouraging her the first time, for if she had had that baby, the second one would not have died; and she would not have the deaths of two babies on her conscience. And believe me, they are!

Here are some ways the abortions have affected me: I have another daughter who is unmarried and pregnant, whom I am supporting and encouraging to "go through with it". Also, I am pleased to be able to distribute this form to my step-daughter, and to as many others as I can reach, so that they too may share there stories, and help stop the myth that, "There's little difference between an abortion and having a tooth pulled." I will always wonder what those lost grandchildren would have been like. It's a depressing thought to realize you've cooperated in the execution of your own grandchildren.

God has since blessed my step-daughter with three beautiful, healthy children. Although I never mention the abortions, many times she has told me that as time goes on and these lovely children grow, she is even more deeply aware of the awful thing she did.

P.S.: The father of the second aborted baby boy, is my step-daughter's husband, and he has yet to have a boy, which he longs for very much.



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