Letter to a Sidewalk Counselor

  Cindy and Mary
,  United States

April 21, 1999

Dearest Karen,

First and foremost, I hope this letter reaches you in the Best of health, as it leaves my Daughter and I in good hands, Thanks to God!!

I know you are wondering who I am, so let me begin by introducing myself, again. Yes, we've already met. You saved my life back in October. I know you will remember. I was the girl outside the Abortion Clinic with the St. Teresa, St. Elizabeth and Our Blessed Mother, medals. As you can tell I never went through with it. My daughter was born April 13, 1999 she weighed 6 pounds 9 ounces, and was 19 inches long. My labor was not bad, I checked in at 12:45, and had her at 4:28.

She is absolutely perfect! I never knew that I could fall in love with someone so quick!! She is my life, and I want to thank you for all you did that day. I am really bad with names but you and Sharon will always stick in my head forever. I know there was another last there and I can't remember her name but I'll never forget the faces of you three women. I mean Angels!

Thank you so much for all your prayers, please continue to pray for my daughter and I, as I have kept all three of you in my prayers, and always will. I am enclosing a picture of my daughter and I like I said I would, I hope you enjoy it. But you know what? That picture does not do her any justice! I can't see myself without her and I have you to Thank for that. Thank you for saving my life Karen! I wish that I could do something, but all I can so is promise to take care and raise my daughter with nothing but love, support, and understanding.

I must close for now, but I wanted to write and let you know what happened. I never forgot you. Please feel free to write back. God Bless you, and take care. Don't stop going to that place, because you never know how many Marys you can save.

All Our Love,

Cindy and Mary

Priests for Life