Conversion to a Pro-life Perspective

,  United States

The following letter was recently received by Fr. Frank and is shared with permission of the writer.

My view on abortion was that although I didn't feel I would ever have one myself, I felt it important that a woman should be able to make the decision for herself. In [my] faith the subject was very seldom, if ever, even mentioned. One of the reasons for my conversion was my sincere need to find a religion that offered "steadfast, unchanging, rules" to live by. It seemed to me that [my] faith was driven by the societal need to be "politically correct" and to "not step on anyone's toes". As a young person I can remember hearing many sermons on the evil of smoking cigarettes but never heard abortion or fornication even addressed.

The attitude of the religion seemed to be a "don't ask, don't tell" approach.

Without set "rules" that do not change human beings tend to adopt the attitude that if they do this this year and just keep it a secret, then next year it will probably be acceptable. Besides, [my former religion said] that "all is taken care of, God is totally forgiving and will always forgive you of anything if you simply believe there is a God" assures you before you do that which is wrong that you are always forgiven.

Therefore, my attitude about abortion the same as most of the people I associated with. I felt that if God was going to forgive everyone who had an abortion then who am I to feel it is wrong!

As I began to watch Mother Angelica and you I felt an uneasiness inside. I began to feel a true sense of unrest about my attitude. After reading the Catechism and learning more about mortal sins I came to understand that there truly was a "set of concrete rules to live by". I understood that our bodies are not our own. We belong to God! We do not have the right to end the life of the tiny person God chose us to nurture inside and deliver into His world after nine months. I finally made the connection between "Thou Shalt Not Kill" and the "killing" of an unborn human being.

[In my former religion] I was taught the Ten Commandments but never taught that the killing of a tiny unborn baby was also under that rule.

I understood fully for the first time the fact that we, poor stumbling humans, need that strict, unswaying, unchanging, guiding hand of the Pope, and the old Catholic faith in order to light our way down the narrow path to Heaven. When we are offered a wider, smoothly paved, multiple choice route our human nature embraces it because it's easier.

I also found that with these steadfast, unchanging rules I had a concrete basis for stating my new found opposition to abortion.

How sad that millions of wonderful women who would never even think about killing someone have been lulled into such an acceptance of abortion by those who chose to "whitewash" this killing as a mere eradication of unwanted tissue! Truly the Devil has made himself manifest in the abortion arena by playing with the human ability to twist the truth for their own convenience.

I also am now able to see how the presence of "accepted" abortion paves the way for fornication and adultery. It provides a solution for one consequence of these acts.

Truly my conversion to the Catholic Faith has provided me with the seeds necessary to cultivate and nurture thought patterns and fruits from an enlightened perspective.

Priests for Life