I Will Be Silent no More About the Love of Christ

Oklahoma,  United States

I have a child waiting for me in heaven who would be five years old now, had he not been a victim of what I like to term, The American Holocaust.
I went to college for legal studies on full scholarship with the intent of being a lawyer to combat the miss-interpretation of right to privacy, and met a girl. First mistake; I was not living as God would have wanted me to at the time; drinking, partying and smoking pot regularly. Second mistake; we became sexually active outside of marriage. When she and I became sexually active, I let her know my extreme feelings about abortion, and she promised me BEFORE CONCEPTION that abortion would never be an option for her, because it "was not the child's fault" she said.
About a year later, she became pregnant. At the time she was competing for Miss Oklahoma, and I am certain the choice of death entered her mind immediately. I reminded her of her vow to me, and assured her that I was willing to quit school and take up 3-4 jobs to take care of her and the child. I am pretty sure she already had her mind made up, but I begged her to come with me to talk to a religious leader on campus. Her family had historically had something against my denomination, so (Third mistake) we went to see the campus minister.
The first words out of his mouth to her after he knew what was happening were, "I just want you to know that I am pro-choice, and I fully support whatever you decide to do." My heart sank. This was supposed to be my last chance. This was supposed to be a Judeo-Christian focused man, and he was a pro-deather. I couldn't believe it.
Soon after, she had my son murdered and competed in the Miss Oklahoma pageant, and did not win, place, or receive an award. I was so furious I decided to dedicate the rest of my life to terrorizing women, breaking hearts, stealing virginity, whatever I could do. All along cramming drugs and alcohol down my throat to deal with the fact that it was also my fault. By not being the man God required me to be, and standing firm to his commandments and not fornicating, I failed as the man of the situation.
When the Lord finally broke my anger with his grace, and I confronted my sin and was forgiven, I am now Silent No More.
I intend to fight against the death plaguing our country, not only Roe v. Wade, but more specifically cases that came as a result; like Casey v. Planned Parenthood taking away spousal consent. They have taken away a man's divine right to the welfare of his offspring.
I will be Silent no More about the love of Christ, and the importance of life.
I hope this will suffice. God Bless!

Priests for Life