Sharing the Truth

Ohio,  United States

Thirty-four   years ago while I had said "no" to him, I got pregnant.  I knew I was pregnant the second it was over.  I had NO idea what to do.  I went to my mother.  I had an abortion because the father of baby wanted it and I was only sixteen.   My mother thought this was the best thing for me at the time.  She took me to her OB/GYN and the procedure was done at the hospital.  I distinctly recall the Doctor telling my mother that he would "never do this again for me". 

I was put completely under during the procedure and the only thing I remember is waking up crying uncontrollably.

Immediately after the abortion, I went home and rested in bed.  The father's mother came storming into our house screaming and asking why her son's car was parked in our driveway.  (He was supposed to be away at College).  She also screamed at the top of her lungs....."BECAUSE YOU HAD AN ABORTION???"  She surmised because her son was not at college. 

As time went on after the abortion, I tried very hard to NEVER THINK ABOUT IT.  I certainly NEVER spoke about or shared my secret with anyone.  I even lied on medical intakes when I was asked about the number of pregnancies I had.  After coming to know Jesus as my personal redeemer, at church I saw something in the bulletin about getting healing from your abortion called Forgiven and Set Free.  I attended the class.  Several years later, I found myself still trying to deal what had happened in my past. God led me to a Pregnancy Center that offered a class called Surrendering the Secret.  It made a huge impact in my life and I was able to find TRUTH and healing where I hadn't before.  My passion and prayer is that every woman (or man) who is post-abortive will seek God's forgiveness and help others share in this truth.  He is all we need.   Jesus be praised!

Priests for Life