Healed by the Lord

Queensland,  Australia
  Briefly I had four different mothers growing up and my parents separated and divorced when I was a child.  I looked for love in all the wrong places and found myself pregnant. I was not fully aware of how my menstrual cycle worked.  I just went to an ordinary doctor whom I had heard from my friend's sister performed abortions whereby I just laid on the patient couch and he inserted instruments.  I bled profusely and was in a great deal of pain afterwards and the doctor put me in a back room for several hours and I knew he was concerned should I need to go to hospital.  I drove myself home. I had full-on contractions during the night and mid-morning the next day the embryo was propelled out of my body.  I remember feeling after the ordeal that I would never have another abortion again.  I completely suppressed all emotions shoving them down as if nothing had ever happened. I was very cold about it all.  It never surfaced again until twenty-five years later when I went to a course over four Mondays at a church and on the last Monday the woman speaking talked on grief and grace and finally all the buried grief came bubbling up and I was prayed over as I cried for about half an hour. I had already asked God for forgiveness but this time I forgave myself and the Lord healed me.
Priests for Life