Real Love for Me

New Jersey,  United States

I was always afraid of my father.  When I found out I was pregnant I was in a panic.  I thought he wouldn’t understand and maybe hit me.  It was a panic decision. 

I don’t remember much - I was put to sleep.  But I do remember women using abortion like a contraceptive.  Awful. 

Well the very next day I had to be put to sleep to get all four wisdom teeth out.  I thought I was going to die, literally. When I was waking up, I remember somebody crying and crying about some baby.  I wanted her to just shut up!!!  So I called the dentist nurse, she came over, and I said could you please shut that lady up, she won’t stop crying about her baby.  That nurse touched my arm saying “Honey, that was YOU CRYING”.  Before that abortion I never gave it a thought about it being a baby it was just SOMETHING I had to get rid of. 

That same day my dad took me for a ride on his motorcycle and God showed me my dad’s real love for me in his tenderness and I never had anything to fear from him.  For some reason my dad said I didn’t have to marry so and so,  and if I wanted children without this guy it would be OK!  I could have died right there.  Nobody tells you that you have post partum depression.  I was crazy out of my mind for about two years.  That is the story I had to tell my thirty year old drug-addicted daughter who already had three children and was five months pregnant.  She killed that baby anyway - five months!   That baby was MY BLOOD, she did it without my knowledge.   Some things you can’t keep a secret.

 I found Jesus after my experience, I know I am forgiven.  I told my children about abortion and sex when they were young, but you can’t control their lives and what they decide to do.   We have to pray for all the children here on earth. My peace is KNOWING that all aborted babies are in heaven with our LORD and CREATOR...and that this killing has to stop. 


Priests for Life