Feeling Empty

California,  United States

I had an abortion because I was afraid to tell my parents that I was pregnant.  I don't remember what I experienced.  My girlfriend took me home and I told my Mom that I didn't feel good so I just went to bed and rested.  I think I felt empty and terrible.  I just put it out of my mind and was thinking pro-choice was the only way to go until I came back to my Jesus. 

I then joined the church choir and was invited to go to Medjugorje which turned my life around.  I bought rosaries for everyone in my family hoping that they would fall in love with Mary like I had.  I do not leave home without praying the rosary.  I attend two prayer meetings a week.  The one at my friend's home we pray to stop abortions and for the babies.  I feel a peace now that I attended Rachel's Vineyard and publicly acknowledged that I had an abortion and have also named her and baptized her.  Thank you for this site.

Priests for Life