An Idea to Reduce Abortions

British Columbia,  Canada

I am contributing my story in case it can help (without further hurting me and my two beloved living children). My story very sadly and tragically includes about the absolute horror of late stage abortion and I want to help other babies/girls/women/boys/men to avoid this absolute horror. MY BABY, who would have been born in 1981 when I was 16 years old, just as easily could have been cherished and loved and valued and born alive and put up for adoption if necessary – HE/SHE was fully formed and so beautiful - were it not for the fact that HE/SHE was dead and blue after being tortured by saline abortion that I had caused out of my thoughtless, uncaring, unloving selfishness and desperate fear (? of rejection/abandonment/loss of status/unworthy gain of status?) - instead of being born alive and loved. I hope/pray/think that subconsciously I was trying to keep my pregnancy a secret for long enough that I would have had to give birth but because there was no law to protect MY BABY or me this tragically never happened.  Nobody except me and my close circle would have known about it had I simply been induced to give live birth instead - and what a saving grace that would have been for MY BABY, me and all.  

Can induced birth be put forth across the board as an option to avoid abortion? I’m sure that many doctors already do this in as many cases as possible – but a law enforcing this approach would help assure this in every case. I know that my doctor in 1981 wanted me to give birth but I was too afraid of being labeled as a bad girl and being rejected - I had been orphaned at seven years of age and especially didn't want my Aunts and Uncles/legal guardians finding out – I was living in a foster home and only told my sister - but then they did find out anyways only after the terrible murder/saline abortion when it was already too late (because I needed a general anesthetic for the curettage which requires legal consent) so the abortion was all for nothing and could have been avoided had my family just been told before hand and supported me to give birth. When I heard my Aunt say “Oh my God” over the phone when my sister called to get permission for the general anesthetic from the phone next to my bed, I realized that she would have supported me to give birth to MY BABY – she was a nurse and used to tell me about how adorable, tiny premature babies that she could hold in the palm of one hand would still survive. Coincidentally, this beloved Aunt’s birthday was July 31st and I feel that her spirit is helping me to write this and get this law passed.
For women that are particularly fearful, perhaps inducement can be done slightly prematurely without causing harm to THE BABY. I know that it is unthinkable not to want to carry a baby to term for the sake of THE BABY but if it can help to TAKE MURDER OUT OF THE EQUATION then that would be better than abortion for extreme cases. According to clinical studies, slightly premature birth increases IQ due to increased oxygen. MY BABY would have been saved – MY BABY would have been loved and wouldn’t have experienced tremendous needless suffering – and I would have been saved from having to live with this terrible heinous crime for the rest of my life. Oh, how I wish that I had cared more about MY BABY than myself – and that I had been free of the “Me” “Me” “Me” “Me” “Me” “Me” “Me” “Me”, “I”, “I”, “I” UGLY spirit that only God’s Holy Spirit can subdue. I realize now that only MY BABY’S NEEDS mattered. My whole life and being would have been so enriched and uplifted by MY BABY’S BIRTH instead of the opposite which I have survived only through the grace of God - the saving power of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit and the help of His Holy Family of angels and Saints and fellow Christians and other kind people of good will. But after having been orphaned and living with family and then choosing at fifteen to live in a foster home, between the ages of 16-20, I guess I was numb and didn’t realize or care about how SELFISH I WAS BEING.

I also got pregnant later in my teens and had an abortion at eight weeks pregnancy – choosing to think that MY BABY was too underdeveloped to matter - and only after did I realize that this abortion was just as terrible and unconscionable. There are still people that hate and condemn me for what I did – including the babies fathers and family and I too struggle with this especially when I see the pictures of Unmasking Choice and hear – even across several miles of distance - the presentation of Stephanie Gray of CCBR – and this hurts so much and I don’t want anybody else to so needless bring the hell fires of hatred and condemnation into their lives or the lives of others when birth can instead bring the greatest love and healing and grace of God into this world and uplift everybody. The love of God uplifts us all so much! The world will be so uplifted by stopping abortion. Please let me know if you can help me to help prevent this tremendous suffering for other babies, mothers - and all people because we are all interconnected. Thank you.
Blessings of Christ,
A Mother of four beloved children - two living

 P.S.: I really appreciate the approach that The Signal Hill so wonderfully and lovingly embraces: Recognizing and celebrating pregnancy as always being a tremendous gift of love and blessing from God while educating girls/women/boys/men to make good choices for improving their lives and that of their children by being married before getting involved in an intimate relationship to avoid the inherent dangers and pitfalls of bad choices which includes unplanned pregnancies, stds that can't be stopped except by abstinence, and the sad endpoint of single parenting which is not the best for all concerned.

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