There ARE other Options

New Mexico,  United States

It was long ago and I was young and felt it was the only option. During the procedure it was gross and cold.  Immediately after, I felt a loss that can't be described for the baby and others who may have had the blessing of this child.  Eventually the young man who was the baby's father lost his brother and then his own life. I feel I could have helped his parents survive those grave losses somehow, someway.  I found help through Jesus Christ and his forgiveness, grace and wisdom.

When my daughter in law found herself pregnant and in recovery for drugs, she was totally against abortion, but felt there was no other way to get out of the cycle of being poor and unprepared, much less regain custody of her first son who is five years old.

So sad, when there are options out there.   Now she won't even return my calls, nor spend time with her husband, who felt there were no other options.  I fear the decision will cause both of them to return to drugs and worse.

Priests for Life