Grateful for God’s Grace and Mercy

California,  United States

In 1976 while attending college in Southern Cal, I returned home on summer break and found out my girl friend had already had her first abortion around my birthday in April ‘76 and told me about it when I arrived.  We agreed that the next time it would happen she would let me know beforehand. 

 It was Christmas vacation when she told me she was pregnant again, but there was no way she could bring another child home, she had a young son already.  I went home and brought her to Los Angeles to live with me, secured a job for her, and the plan was for her to go home, pack and come back.   In 1977 she decided to not return, but have her second abortion.   I drove home with the hope of talking her out of it, but the people at Planned Parenthood Monterey had already talked her into the appointment.   She begged me to take her to the clinic that Saturday morning, and I figured if I did not show up she would see how much I really wanted the baby.  She caught the bus, had the abortion and did not communicate with me until three weeks later.  She called me to tell me she almost died that night when she got home on the bus that evening.  They rushed her to the hospital and no one let me know - she was bleeding from the surgery.  That was the end of our relationship in 1977.

 In 1985 another failed relationship with a young lady who was pregnant with twins, but aborted them because I rejected her.  My life has turned many times since my losses and after reading Fatherhood Aborted, I realize I have suffered from Male Post Abortion Trauma.  Things have gotten better since confession, repentance and reconciliation.

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