Forgiven by God

Oklahoma,  United States

My abortion was in 1977.  I wasn’t interested in marrying the father and felt I had no other option.  I was selfish, young and stupid.  I had complications after the abortion.   I put off going to the Dr. for a long time.   When I did finally go I was told I needed surgery for cysts...but I woke up from surgery to hear that I would never have children because they had to do an almost total hysterectomy (they left my uterus.)

God has forgiven me and shown me so much grace!  Years later I married and we adopted four beautiful children. Their birthmothers choose LIFE.  I wish I could say the same...I know I am forgiven by God, but at times I struggle with forgiving myself!

I now pray at the clinic near me and try to sidewalk counsel, which is so very much out of my comfort zone.  I have opened up to very few people...I'm working on I can help others!

Priests for Life