The Ugly Truth

California,  United States

Abortion is an evil thing to do and I didn't realize this until I was 36 years of age and a Catholic convert.

I had three abortions due to the misled belief that abortion was a contraceptive.

During the abortion experience, I felt fear of the clinic and the procedure that I was to undergo...after the first abortion I lost a sense of "self" and felt agony over losing a child.

After the abortions I have felt such loss because I really love children and I am currently the mother of three other healthy children.

As time went by I felt the complete evil that abortion is and as I converted to Catholicism, I found the ugly truth that abortion is murder!

I found help and forgiveness from my local Pastors Rev. Neil Fuller and Rev. Declan F. Fogarty.  They seem to have the allotted grace to help persons understand the danger of ignorance to Christ and His Pro-Life mission.

Priests for Life