Tortuous Thoughts

New Jersey,  United States

In September, when my baby was to be born I started to have thoughts pushed into my mind saying I was a murderer and I should kill myself.  I did not know what was going on in my mind.  These thoughts of suicide lasted for a long seven years.  These thoughts wanted me to take a bottle of aspirin to kill myself as well as pouring a bottle of gasoline on my body and light myself on fire. 

During those years I could not work, drive, I could not even take a shower in peace.  The only reason I made it through is that I hoped that one day someday I would get better.  During those years I was in and out of the hospital.  In the hospital, a patient gave me the name of a pastor, and I called the pastor and accepted JESUS over the phone as my Lord and Savior.  The next day, the thoughts I had over those past seven years just went away.  I could think again.  This was a miracle that God granted me.  I wish to tell my testimony to the world.  

Priests for Life