The Baby I Never got to Hold

New Mexico,  United States

Immediately after my abortion I felt complete sadness and emptiness.   I didn't tell anyone how I felt.  I just went to my room, laid down and wept for the loss of my baby.  My parents were relieved for me but I was depressed.  I still wish I could take back time or had someone tell me to save the life of my baby.  I sometimes replay the events when I found out I was pregnant, and wish I wouldn't have told anyone then I wouldn't have had so much pressure from my parents, telling me to abort my baby.

I used to be easily influenced by others opinions, and was always worried about what people thought about me.  I think that played a big part in my decision to have an abortion, which I will never forget.  I love and miss the baby I never got to hold in my arms.
Since then I am now married to a wonderful Catholic man, and have six beautiful gifts from God and we are PRO-LIFE!  Thanks be to God!

Priests for Life