The Past Catches Up

Florida,  United States

I had my abortion because I was a single woman serving in the Army.  I had no friends, no family to turn to.  I felt emotionally numb during the procedure, but still very alone.  I went to the clinic about an hour’s drive away by taxi cab by myself.   I felt relieved immediately after the procedure; I shoved all feelings of shame deep down inside, but I knew what I had done was wrong.  I'm 37 now, married with three kids and had two miscarriages recently.  I think it's the emotional torment of having two babies taken against my will is what has awakened my feelings of shame and loss for my aborted baby, who would be 18 soon.  I rediscovered my faith (I'm Catholic) about three years ago and it has helped, but I've still been feeling guilt. You can only run from your past for so long before it catches up to you.


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