Life in our hands

Louisiana,  United States

America is engaged in a war, one that we are losing.  We say that our country promises the chance of life, prosperity and the pursuit of happiness- but we've cultivated a culture of death.  Millions of babies are not given a chance at taking their first breath because we've decided when life begins and under what circumstances it should end.    We've taken "life" into our own hands and made decisions we were never suppose to make. The issue of Abortion really is one that dehumanizes humanity and will eventually lead to death outside the mothers womb as well.  If we can decide that a baby isn't human until it's outside the womb, how long will it be until we toy with ending life at other stages. 

Some say abortion should be legal because its a woman's right to chose, others say because of more "understandable" reasons like rape and life of the mother.  But the reality about all of these categories we've made for justifying abortions, and who deserves life is these decisions were never ours to make.  Is a child conceived in rape a non-person, or a child with severe mental problems?  What defines personhood, and more importantly WHO defines personhood?  

When I was a baby my biological mother was told I would be a mental vegetable- therefore she should let me die.  She had the perfect scenario for an abortion- she suffered from mental illness and already had 7 uncared for children, bouncing around in foster care.  An abortion would seem like the logical decision, especially since doctors told her I probably would never function well to begin with.  But I believe that in that moment she realized, as unstable and even unfit as she was to be a mother, taking a life was not her decision to make.  This is the crux of the matter, whatever the circumstance for abortion- God is the only one who defines personhood.  We cannot, and when we do it leads us down a very evil path- that eventually will lead to euthanasia, infanticide and genocides that we've never seen before.                     

Priests for Life