No Guidance

Pennsylvania,  United States

I am not sure why I had an abortion, other than I thought it would save my relationship with the baby's father.  Though he and I later got back together and married, he still left the area after the abortion.  My mother offered no guidance, just that I should do what I felt was best. 

During the abortion procedure I was under general anesthesia and felt nothing.  Immediately after the abortion I was told of the surgery that I had undergone to repair my uterus and that I would have to stay in the hospital for a week.  I was devastated emotionally and physically.  As time went on after the abortion I felt more and more guilty about what I had done, and even considered suicide.

 I found help and forgiveness through my relationship with Jesus Christ, who saved me when I was twenty.  My husband and I went on to have two sons which were difficult pregnancies to carry, I believe because of the extensive scar tissue left by the abortion.  My second child was nearly lost at 27 weeks when I went into early labor and was only saved because of the quick thinking of a doctor who gave me a drug to lower my blood pressure, thus stopping the contractions.  I am forever grateful to that doctor and to the Lord for allowing us to have two wonderful children, though I was never able to have any more.  I always wanted a daughter and am sure the baby I aborted was probably a girl.

Priests for Life