DON'T ABORT YOUR CHILD....Please read.

California,  United States

I had in abortion because I was a single mom and my boyfriend was married to a woman in another country, but at that time he was separated from his spouse.

I felt like I had no other alternatives. I told him I was pregnant and he did not seem to care. I told him that I was considering to abort.  His response was "it’s your body you can do whatever you want."

After the procedure, I woke up to a lady crying beside me.  She had just aborted as well.  And her cries I can never forget.  She was screaming for her baby.

I wonder if my baby was a girl or a boy.  I will never know, not in this life time.  But I hope to see my child in heaven.

The relationship did not last we broke up and never saw him again. If I ever see him I will probably ask him WHY DID YOU LET ME GO THROUGH THIS... DON'T YOU CARE....HE IS YOURS TOO.

I can’t go back in time but I can make a difference here.
Here I can speak for my dead child. I Love and I am Sorry.

Priests for Life