Alone and Scared

South Australia,  Australia

“I had an abortion because of my age and I was scared.”  I am writing this for my wife; she cannot read or write very well. 

“I was worried because I heard there could be abnormalities and my husband was on a fishing trip for twelve days.  I didn't know how to tell him.  We have been together for twenty-six years and have two children.   I was scared. 

As soon as I woke up after they had inserted things to open the cervix and injected my baby they said through my stomach, my husband came home that morning.  I told him when I got home.   He cried with me.  He started looking into what I had done.  He wasn't happy.  The clinic never told me about how bad I feel now or about the size and how the baby gets removed.   I had no counseling.   I was so scared.

My husband and I are a mess.  He knows more than me - he reads about it.  If only the clinic told me the gruesome truth. 

 I have been helped by Abort SA abortion grief counseling.  The clinic doesn’t want to talk or help me and my husband.  We are having so much trouble getting my notes.  Their counselors have been rude and insulting to us.  I thought it was menopause - if only I knew more.  We have to live with this forever.   I understand there is a time and a place but the clinic needs to do more screening. “

Priests for Life