For Ely

Illinois,  United States

Hi, my name is Kathy and I was forced to abort my son Ely when I was 16.  Ely’s daddy and I had a plan...I had a horrible childhood as have many others in this world, so Danny said, "we'll get you pregnant, get married and get you out of there" (my home).   And we did, Danny took my urine sample to (somewhere) and when I got home from school that day I called them - my pregnancy was confirmed.  The lady asked me what I was going to do and I said, "keep it".   I was happy that a life was growing inside of me, but I had no idea how wrong I was going to be. 

Danny left me there to tell my mother by myself and guess what, she was NOT happy.  The next three  days were a blur to me, another Dr. confirmed my pregnancy but what I didn't know was that at that time the plan was put into place to kill Ely.  The next thing I know I’m in the hospital.  I remember Danny holding me the night before they would take Ely and my mother walked in again and guess what, she was not happy.  The next thing I remember was waking up in the recovery room and I touched my tummy and started to cry but I heard a noise so I stopped, it was my mother - she looked down at me and said; "now, you're the slut of the family".  I thought oh my goodness I’m on my own in this.  

About three days later I got home from the hospital and everything Danny had ever given me except the sweetheart ring on my finger was gone, like that would make me forget Danny and Ely...I don't remember when but I snuck over to Danny’s to grieve our loss and I remember that he was holding me and I started to cry - I lifted my head off of his shoulder and I said; "the world will know about our son someday".  At that time I had no idea what God had planned.  When I left Danny’s I was heading back to my residence, I looked in the rearview mirror and thought, man that guy is ugly, it wasn't a guy it was my mother.  I pulled in the drive at our  house, she pulled in behind me and when I got out of the car "SMACK" right across my face - so, I lost Ely and Danny, I was told I as a slut, I got smacked across my face for grieving the loss of my son BUT look what God can do.  Please check out ( I’m here to offer ANY kind of assistance.  Our children count, WE count and we are forgiven!!

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