Alabama,  United States
  1. I decided to abort because I was not aware of the "free" resources for unwed/low income mothers at the time. My boyfriend at the time and I were trying to get insurance but his job informed him even if we married BC/BS (insurance provider) would see that it was a pre-existing condition and not pay for my pregnancy. However, he could put the baby on insurance after he/she was born. My spirit man had received a warning three times not to abort this child and if I did the consequences I would have to endure as a result.
2. It was very cold, no care or concern in the atmosphere of the clinic.
3. Initially I buried the experience deep within my mental state of mind.
4. Between years 15-20 of the abortion, I started having dreams and different things started to happen to remind me of what had happened.
5. My healing experience included: Therapeutic counseling, attending a bible study group for post-abortion women, prayer with my very close friends.
That is a very short version of my testimony, feel free to share it with others.
Priests for Life