Every Life is Precious

New Jersey,  United States

I had my first abortion after my first son turned one.  I was in an abusive relationship and the father also didn't want to have him and I didn't want to have another child without the father being involved.  It was a horrible experience.  I remember after the procedure just waking up and asking to see my baby.  My baby's name is Christopher Adrian.

Second  abortion I had, the father didn't want the baby and I really don't remember much about it but guilt and regret.  Named it Rene.

Third abortion was after I was married which I never thought I would ever do if I was married, but my husband was put in jail for 15 days unjustly.   I was taking care of three other children along with the sickness that comes with the pregnancy.  I was overwhelmed and I despaired and I just didn't want my family to know I was pregnant because I didn't want to deal with their criticism about me having too many children.  So I told my sister and she said she didn't judge me and that she respected my choice as well as my cousin.   I think I was hoping someone would stop me.  Yet the person who tried to stop me was the man who put me through my first abortion because he is the father of my second child.  Named baby Lionela.

Ultimately what led to my other abortions really was the use of drugs. I wasn't living a good life but now I am and now is when I see how merciful God  is with me because I don't deserve the beautiful  four children I have.  To top things off last February I found out my parents aren't my biological parents. My mom's sister is actually my biological mother. I see now how important the truth is and I wonder if my parents had been honest with me from the beginning about me, if I would have had my abortions or led the life I did? Or no matter what I was destined to commit the same mistakes as my biological mother. My life resembles hers even though she didn't raise me. I guess the saying the apple doesn't fall far from the tree has some truth to it. I am grateful she didn't abort me because every life is precious and because of her choice I am here and my children.  And the ones I killed I hope have mercy on me for not having the strength she had when she gave me away.

Thanks for reading. God bless you.

Priests for Life