Silent No More

Georgia,  United States

There you were all safe and warm; no reason to fear or know your fate
Silent and still you grew in grace – till by MY CHOICE I choose your fate
It’s my body; my right to choose should you live or should you die;
Should you live or should you die - I choose – not because I could die - but
Rather – you’re just – well, inconveniently true.

I choose - that’s my right - how dare you tell me I cannot choose
It’s War on Women – haven’t you heard - that’s what Ms. Fluke has said – no pills – no thrills
No one night stands – it’s my right to choose
You have no voice – be silent and still while I make my choice - should you live or should you die?

Hear ye, Hear ye it’s - War on Women – haven’t you heard, we can’t have pills or destroy blobs – what’s this world coming too when pills aren’t supplied and blobs aren’t destroyed; I choose who lives or dies; it is my body and my choice, I am pro-choice – I choose!

What’s that, what’s that I hear in my soul?  No, go away you’re not wanted here
It’s my choice and that choice was made – you don’t exist now go away! It’s War on Women, that’s
What it is – it’s my right to choose; I chose your death – now go away because it’s my right – it’s War on Women and  it’s my body and my right to choose! 

Stop it, stop it you’re not real – you don’t exist and you never did – I chose your death - its War on Women - you cannot choose; that’s my right - you have no rights!  No, you cannot speak; you have no voice, be silent you blob – this War on Women it’s just not right – stand up and fight because it’s your right!

There you are again – deep in my soul – why do you torment me and do not go! 
I have no voice – You are my voice!  There is a war - this I Know, but not the one you were told – it took my life – Now only you can speak for me - You chose my death and so I died - but yet I live; you know I did!  

Oh, silent, silent, silent no more - my voice will be silent no more! You lived, you died you weren’t just a blob – silent no more for who you are!  You will not dance or sing with me or go to the prom and kiss your prince – you will not be here when I’m laid to rest, but you’ll be waiting and so I’m blessed.  Why these lies? – War on Women – when it’s - War on You!  You exist, you have life – you live in my heart – if you didn’t – I wouldn’t miss you so. 

Silent, silent, silent no more my voice will be silent no more – you have no voice, I am your voice – this War on Women is simply a hoax – there is a War– this much is true – but not the one I was told.  You lived; you breathed -now you’re no more - all because I chose it so!

Silent, silent, silent no more – you have a voice – it is my voice!   I won’t speak of all the woes that grip my soul when I look around – we debate and argue what is so – but this I know – you had no choice all because I made it so –there is a war, but not the one that I was sold! 

Silent, silent, silent no more – you have a voice – it is my voice – you lived you breathed; inside of me – sweet child – silent no more will I be!

Priests for Life